We offer a large range of textile products on the market and a strong commitment to improve the customer service.


We take care of our product through constant fabric basic controls. Agile service, up-to-date information and offering a careful customer service is what characterizes us.


Wide range of products, which are renewed to meet our customers’ demands. We focus our efforts on improving the adaptive capacity to market requirements.


Our goal is to achieve the perfect balance between quality-price-service, aiming to be the most competitive option in the market.


Apart from the vast variety of products, we offer plenty of services as well as custom-made solutions; from production and manufacturing to any kind of finished product.


We make improvements with the unique goal of being fast, effective and competitive.

  • A large picking surface to serve all kind of orders.
  • Wide palletizing capacity.
  • Optimisation of warehouse processes due to its 4000 square metres with perfect functionality to guarantee our quality of service.