We are relatively young company, but our founding members expertise and professional career is what makes us grow. Aware of the market’s continuous changing needs, Ziraketan believes in offering the widest range of product as well as a continual service improvement.


Recently we have expanded our facilities. Therefore we have achieved a remarkable picking surface that allows us to be faster and more effective. Consequently we are also getting better at facing the market’s changing requirements.


Every day we observe the increasing importance of a great capacity to adapt to the market’s needs, and that is why we offer our customers a wide and varied range of products that changes and renews on demand.


The quality in all our products is a constant, and for this in Ziraketan we focus on controls and supervision of fabrics and products; This quality, understood at a technical level, but also as an agile service, permanent information and careful customer service.


In the promotion and advertising market the price is very important, therefore, Ziraketan tries to maintain a balanced offer trying to be competitive and maintain an optimal service-quality-price relationship, since we understand that without a perfect balance of these parameters competitiveness is not possible.